Creating Together
a Piece of Israel

Through an authentic experience of Israeli art and culture, our project connects Jewish communities around the world to the multicultural fabric of Israeli society and its unique story.
Our workshops build a link between tradition and modernity and promote a dialogue about the revitalized Jewish heritage and identities.

Our Workshops

נגן וידאו
We offer a variety of experiences in our studio and you can even enjoy our workshops and story from 1,000’s of miles away from Israel.

Especially for Jewish organizations around the world, we offer pre-packaged made-in-Israel art kits workshops that we can ship anywhere with guidance and support wherever the workshop is held.
Perfect for community events, educational activities in schools or summer camps, student programs, remote team events, or as a unique gift with value for Rosh Hashanah.

A unique Gift for
Rosh Hashanah

A special gift with value for Rosh Hashanah directly from the Isareli Negev desert. An easy-to-make DIY kit of Zuak tiles with Hebrew greetings.

Online Moroccan Art

45 minutes of inspiration starting with an online presentation about Israeli art and culture, followed by a DIY kit to create a unique Zuak tile with Hebrew words

Israeli Mosaic

An engaging and fun group workshop creating a colorful wall of Zuak tiles with Hebrew words.

Story & Impact

Zuak is a Moroccan art studio located in the Negev Desert of Israel. The studio was founded in 2017 by Hadasa Yitzhak Sharet, a business-social entrepreneur and designer who specializes in Moroccan art. After studying local art in Morocco, Hadasa has developed a unique technique that allows everyone to taste the magic of Moroccan art in a simple and fun way. A true authentic experience that brings people from different cultures together to form a language that weaves the edges between tradition and modernity, between East and West, and between religions.

Our mission is to create social impact through design and art. In our work, we bring to the center of the Israeli-Jewish culture a creative experience of Moroccan art originating from communities on the Israeli periphery (our home-base) that play a crucial role in the story of modern multiculturalism in Israel.

The workshop and the discourse we evoke on revetalized Jewish heritage and identities had a real impact on the many groups of young Jews who came to us from outside Israel. Zuak’s experience inspires them to be proud of their culture and heritage and find new ways to express it.

Hadasa Yitzhak Sharet • Zuak’s Founder and CEO

הדסה יצחק שרת

We are proud to partner with leading organizations worldwide

Zuak Studio was fantastic. We didn't know what to expect, but the Fellows really enjoyed it, including the boys, and it was really different from everything else.
Diller Teen Fellows, Boston
During a travel program, we participated in a Zuak workshop with 70 students from all over the United States. Even before the workshop began, we were moved by the beautiful kits. Following the fascinating and inspiring lecture on entrepreneurship and art relating to Israeli culture and identity, the group worked together on a project where everyone focused, collaborated, and got excited about the outcome. It was a unique slot, unlike anything else we had.
Michael Schwartz, Program Manger at Masa
In the midst of covid-19, when everyone were in lockdowns at home, we were looking for something unique to send to our participants and leaders in Europe, Africa and South America. The Zuak - Moroccan art kit was the perfect Drishat Shalom from Israel. The kits were thoughtfully and carefully packed and brought light and color to our homes. Combined with the zoom workshop led by Hadassa, the experience was enriching & wonderful. We highly recommend!
Michal Chacham, Marom
All the Diller groups who visited Zuak came back with amazing feedback. They enjoyed both learning about the initiative, discussing culture and entrepreneurship and the hands-on experience of preparing beautiful Zuak tiles.
Diller Teen Fellows International Staff

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We have a unique technique that is suited to everyone. Ages 7 and up, although you'll be surprised to learn there were also 4-year-olds who fit right in. The oldest woman to create a Zuak tile was 98. Maybe you’ll break the record ?!

Absolutely not! The secret of Zuak's technique is that it does not require experience or knowledge, the process itself is simple and fun. Upon completion, all participants feel satisfied with the result of their work, and they are proud of the unique tile they created.

The kits include everything needed for the process of making Zuak tiles (tiles, Zuak stencils, brushes, paints, etc. ), as well as illustrated instructions and an instructional video.

Our kits differ slightly from one another. The main product in every kit is an Israeli Zuak tile, which measures approximately 4x4 inches and is decorated and colored. Depending on the activities offered with the kit, the tile can be hung at home or attached to a wall of tiles as a community/team product.

The tile is made from MDF (Medium density Fiberboard) covered with water-based acrylic paint. If you have allergies to any of these components, please refrain from direct contact.

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